What Is a Master Stylist?

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Published: 11th November 2010
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In most cases, there is a significant price difference between receiving a haircut from a hair stylist vs. a Master Stylist. Is it really worth the extra investment? Let's explore what it means to be a Master Stylist.

Precision and accuracy are the primary concepts taught by hair masters such as Vidal Sassoon and Kris Sorby. In order to achieve that level of accuracy, certain systems and techniques must be in place, for example, accurate sectioning, positioning, stance and good hand and arm control. A master stylist is working systematically around the client, adjusting and controlling hair placement and natural fall, checking and cross-checking on wet hair.

Next comes the blowout, which can generally consume ten to twenty minutes (depending on the thickness and length of the hair). Blow-drying itself is a skill many stylists still have yet to master. When the hair is dry, the master stylist evaluates the natural fall of the hair (as well as movement) and how these factors affect the shape and flow of the cut. Approximately thirty percent of the cutting is done when the hair is styled. This includes adding texture to the cut, personalizing the shape, blending and softening, which can only be done accurately during the final moments on dry, styled hair. Perimeters can be made precise (if that is the requirement for the style). One example of this is the A-line "bob" haircut. This classic style is the most challenging haircut to execute well. It should show blunt lines and blended graduated layers through the interior of the haircut.

Talent can come from natural ability, but often it is also taught. Only ten percent of stylists maintain and continue their education, a statistic of grave concern to anyone who values a current hairstyle and precision haircuts. A master stylist continues their education, which is key to growth and development, improving techniques and skill levels, which can further enhance the stylist's overall value in the marketplace. Master Stylists strive to keep current with industry and fashion standards, and continuing education allows them to do just that. Stylists who works for companies that offer inexpensive haircuts generally have not invested thousands of dollars on their continued education.

To receive a haircut from a master stylist, you can expect to pay for the numerous years of education and hands-on experience, (hopefully) receiving a product that is more than worthy of the time and financial investment offered by you, the client.

If you've ever endured a bad haircuts, you know it can be a horrifying experience that takes months, even years to correct. Would you trade 250 bad hair days for a savings that equates to sacrificing merely one latte per week? Receiving an amazing cut that is versatile, easy to manage and looks stunning is the perfect result that any woman would want.

Find a true master stylist and prepare to adore your hair.


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